Engineering Services


Cost Reductions
Key Concepts: Our engineering services target cost efficiency. We will assist in reducing your final manufacturing and production cost.
Electronics Design
Analog: Our expertise includes Sensors, Instrumentation, Filtering, Energy conversion AC/DC/DC/AC Analog/Digital conversion and EMC.
Digital: We have extensive experience developing systems with microcontrollers including Microchip and Atmel.
Power: Power output stages are accomplished using Mosfets, Thyristors and BJTs connected in several configurations like Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge among others.
Firmware & Software
Firmware: We complement our/your hardware design with our extensive experience in firmware. Programming in assembler or C/C++.
Software: Graphical user interfaces or Master/Salve/Host links to PCs are easily accomplished by implementations in Visual C/Basic & Pascal.
Technology Conversions
Analog/Digital/SMT: Through-hole to SMT and Analog to Digital technology conversions are in demand as part of cost reduction and sustaining initiatives. We have the experience and the tools to complete design conversions with the lowest possible final cost.
Sustaining Engineering
Manufacturing: We will study existing design and propose process or engineering changes to deal with issues of component obsolescence, availbility and performance degradation.
Project Design
System Design: We offer complete system and sub-system design solution. System integration of controllers, harnesses, box/brackets and motors/solenoids/fans can be accomplished in a cost-effective way and with strict adherence to customer specifications and industry standards.
Reverse Engineering
Documentation Issues: Many companies are buying other companies. Sometimes the engineering/manufacturing information received from this newly acquired asset is not complete or it is partially lost in the process. We support our customers with reverse engineering exercises in order to rebuild the missing engineering information.
PCB Design
Schematic/PCB: Schematic entry, PCB lay-out design, Gerber files and manufacturing drawings are critical part of the design and manufacturing process of electronic devices. We complete them with strict compliance to ESD, EMC & Safety Standards and using the latest CAD systems like PADS, ORCAD & SolidWorks.
Product Design, Prototypes, Small Lots, Full Production